Cali Busted 9100

Finish: Satin Black with Milled Spokes | Chrome

Available Sizes: 20X9 | 20X12 | 22X12

Bolt Pattern: 5X127 5X139.7, 5X150 5X139.7, 6X135 6X139.7, 8X165.1 8X170, 8X180



Busted wheels are available in chrome or satin black with milled spokes. Cali Off-Road is all about exceptional quality and unrivaled performance. They have a bold, powerful design and edgy emblem. Busted wheels are sure to turn heads and help your vehicle reach its peak potential.

Additional information


Chrome, PVD, Satin Black w/Milled Spokes


20×12 -44mm (4.75 BS), 20X12 -51mm (4.5" BS), 20×9 +0mm (5" BS), 20×9 +18mm (5.75 BS)

Bolt Pattern

5×150 / 5×5.5/139.7, 5×5/127 / 5×5.5/139.7, 6-135/6-139.7, 8-165.1/8-170, 8-180


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