Cyclone Blower “electric”

Electric Blower



Cyclone features

  • Designed to look like a mini leaf blower
  • Flexible rubber nozzle
  • Filtered air
  • Heated air (heat from the motor, approx 15 deg @ nozzle)
  • Powerful, approx. 120 mph
  • Light weight, only 3.6 lbs
  • Ergonomic handle design for ease of use
  • 5.5 amp, 600 watt, 110 volt copper wound motor
  • Replaceable motor brushes
  • Compact to carry in your saddle bag
  • One year warranty
  • Makes a GREAT GIFT!!!

A quality tool to do the job that won’t “break the bank”! A powerful (120 mph), high volume blower that weighs only 3.6 lbs. Filtered air so no debris can come thru the air intake. A long lasting 5.5 amp, 600 watt copper wound motor with replaceable motor brushes. Soft flexable rubber nozzle so you will not scratch your bike if you hit it. Heated air from the motor gives you approx 15 degrees warmer air than the outside air temperature at the nozzle. Ergonomic handle design gives you many different handle positions. No hoses!!! This allows an Easy “One Hand” operation! No need to use two hands to operate this unit. Cyclone measures 21″ with the nozzle attached so no need to bend to reach all your hard to get to areas on your bike or car. Cyclone has a 10 foot power cord. Cyclone also comes with is own storage bag so you can remove the nozzle, place it in the bag and store it in your garage or take it along with you on a trip in your tour pack or saddle bag!! Cyclone measures only 10″x7″x7″ with the nozzle off! And YES, Cyclone is backed by a One Year Warranty!!


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